Collection Points

What is considered a Collection Point?

Collection points (ecoelastikaspots) are considered all tire fitting shops and vehicle repair companies in the country, where used tires are replaced with new ones, in third-party vehicles.

The collection points are registered members in Ecoelastika and have accepted the terms of collaboration concerning the collection of used tires.

The collection points (ecoelastikaspots) bear the Ecoelastika sticker as certified partners and appear in the list of contracted collection points on the company’s website.


Access to a User Account for
Request for Tire Reception / Orders-Reception Records / Annual Waste Report

We would like to inform you that from now on you can place orders for the collection of used tires from your shop, as well as visualise the history of your orders/reception and the annual waste report, in the following ways.

1st Mode


Open the online form to submit an application for the collection of used tires from your shop!

2nd Mode


Tire collection directly from your… “pocket” smart device!
Use Ecoelastika’s new app from your phone wherever you are.

New Collection Point Registration Form

Please fill in the form below and upload your business license, according to the instructions

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    Ecoelastika created a rewards programme, named Ecoelastika REWARDS, exclusively for all affiliated collection points - ecoelastikaspots.

    I'm interested in participating in the Ecoelastika REWARDS rewards program and I declare the following mobile phone as a necessary element for my registration in it.

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    * Please do not forget to fill in the field "Mobile phone for Ecoelastika Rewards Programme" in case you wish to participate in the rewards programme Ecoelastika REWARDS.


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    You may read the privacy policy HERE.


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    Collaboration procedure
    with Collection Points

    The key requirement for the service of each collection point (tire fitting shop/vehicle repair company) is the acceptance of the terms of collaboration, posted in the Ecopoint Web application, and its inclusion in the roster of the (ecoelastikaspots), i.e. the collection points contracted with Ecoelastika.

    The process is simple

    If you already have an active account in the Ecopoint Web application

    STEP 1. Log in to the system with your credentials
    STEP 2. Read and accept the cooperation terms
    STEP 3. Click the “submit procedure terms” button

    If you do not have an active account in the Ecopoint Web application

    STEP 1. Register as a new user with your preferred username and password
    STEP 2. Read and accept the cooperation terms
    STEP 3. Click the “submit procedure terms” button

    Alternatively, to use Ecoelastika’s Ecopoint Web application
    from your mobile device, scan the following QR code:

    When you complete the process, you will receive a copy of the accepted cooperation terms in the email address you provided us. You can see the cooperation terms at the link below

    Cooperation Agreement FAQ

    Need more information?

    In this case, the Audit Will be extended to previous years, to eliminate possible discrepancies.

    Reward program

    Ecoelastika has created the ecoelastika REWARDS program for you, in order to further reward ecoelastikaspots for their cooperation in the effort to collect used tires for recycling.