ELT co

Role – Objectives

The role of the ELT co is to nationally organise the collection of waste tires from their disposal points (tire and vehicle repair shops) and then to arrange for their transport and delivery to licensed recovery units, assuming all the management costs (collection, transport and utilisation of used tires).

The funds necessary for this procedure are generated by the environmental fee that the importing companies, by law, are obliged to pay the system (Art. 5 section 4.2 under b (i) P.D. 109/2004).

Ecoelastika S.A., assuming the supervision for the management of used tires, contributes to their utilisation, acting on the guiding principle of environmental benefit.


Responsibilities of Involved Parties

In accordance with legislation (Law 2939/01, PD 109/04), the responsibilities of importers, transporters, merchants and final users – owners of vehicle tires are as follows:

  1. Importers attend for the best management method (material, energy recovery) of all used tires collected from collection points
  2. Traders and final tire users are obliged to trade tires belonging to a certified “system”.
  3. Tire repair shops, where used tires are changed on vehicles, are obliged to deliver their used tires to a certified alternative management system.
  4. Owners, holders or final users of used tires are obliged to personally transport and deliver them to collection points or legal collectors or approved alternative management systems.