ELV Dismantling Facilities

Dismantling facilities for End-Of-Life Vehicles

Ecoelastika manages end-of-life tires (ELTs) derived from ELV dismantling facilities, in accordance with the specific terms of electronic cooperation.

The dismantling of retired vehicles takes place in dismantling facilities. These units belong to the Collective System “EDOE” (Alternative Vehicle Management of Greece). During the process of decontamination and dismantling of ELVs the ELTs are removed and separately grouped and delivered to Ecoelastika.

The main condition of cooperation is an active collaboration agreement between the solvent and the “EDOE”.

ELV Dismantling Facilities Electronic Agreement Platform

Electronic Application form of ELV Dismantling Facilities with Ecoelastika for the management of end-of-life tires


Access to a User Account for
Request for Tire Reception / Orders-Reception Records / Annual Waste Reportν

We would like to inform you that from now on you can place orders for the collection of end-of-life tires from your dismantling facilities, as well as visualise the history of your orders/reception and the annual waste report, in the following ways.

1st mode


Open the online form to submit an application for the collection of end-of-life tires from your dismantling facilities!

2nd mode


Tire collection directly from your… “pocket” smart device!
Use Ecoelastika’s new app from your phone wherever you are.