Who is Ecoelastika

Ecoelastika is a non-profit company, responsible for the management of end-of-life tires (ELTs).

It is the only approved ELT co, which:

  • Organizes the collection of waste tires from their withdrawal sites (e.g., tire stores, auto repair shops), where worn tires are replaced with new ones, across the country.
  • Takes care of their transportation and delivery to licensed recovery facilities, assuming full management responsibility (collection, transport, and utilization recovery of used tires).

In more detail:

  1. The waste tires are collected in the certified ecoelastikaspots (tire dealers, vehicle repair shops)
  2. Ecoelastika contracted transporters who operate throughout Greece collect and forward the tires to the appropriate industrial facilities, for recycling and utilisation.
  3. In the recovery units, the tires go through successive processing stages, to be used either for recycling or for energy recovery.

Company Profile

The creation and operation of Ecoelastika is directly related to the principle of “extended producer responsibility”. In other words, the producer assumes, through Ecoelastika, the responsibility to organise the management of End-of-Life tires (ELTs) and pay the corresponding costs, complying with the relevant legislation and applying the rules relative to environmental protection and circular economy.


Our mission is the management of ELTs withdrawn in Greece, using state of the art techniques, considering environmental and economic criteria.

Environmental protection and total compliance with the legislation on solid waste management, especially concerning the alternative management of used tires.

To succeed in its mission, the company places in high priority:

  • The quality of the provided services
  • The respect for the human factor and the environment
  • The collaboration with all the agents and/or governing bodies involved in the management of used tires

Vision – Aim

Ecoelastika envisions a new development model, based on the use of secondary materials, derived from the processing of waste. Its actions are based on the priorities applicable to solid waste management, by applying the principles of circular economy and sustainable development.

Our vision encompasses our desire to grow into a model of responsible institution that responds to social needs.

Our aim is to manage the funds as efficiently as possible, all the while striving for environmental protection and safeguarding healthy competition.


Need more information?

ELTs are waste having a negative value, which requires their organised management as, otherwise, they become a source of environmental pollution.

Ecoelastika is a non-profit company and as such does not market any product, nor has any financial benefit from its actions. On the contrary, it assumes entirely all tire management costs, making sure they are delivered as raw material to licenced facilities, for energy recovery or their processing to create new recycled products.

The only source of revenue of Ecoelastika are the environmental fees destined to cover the total management cost of ELTs as well as the actions to raise public awareness.