Safety floor from recycled vehicle tires in school yards

Ecoelastika, in the context of its own Corporate Responsibility, designs and implements a series of important programs, informs and educates the general public as well as the professionals in this field, pursuing a constant goal of raising awareness.

One of the targeted programs that Ecoelastika have carried out for 7 consecutive years, is the free construction of safety rubber floors from recycled tires, in schools all over Greece, focusing on children and their safety.

With these actions we incite the public and private sector to use products from recycled tires for the benefit of society as a whole and the circular economy. At the same time, through the educational programs, we emphasize the environmental value of recycling, strengthening the ecological consciousness.


constructions of safety floor from recycled vehicle tires in school yards of public primary schools in Greece

Schools in Attica

Schools in rest Greece