Tire Owners

Ecoelastika also handles end-of-life tires from different sources.

More specifically from owners belonging to the following categories, according to the specific terms of electronic cooperation.

Tires from a fleet of vehicles (private companies, Municipalities, Solid Waste Management Authorities, Public Sector)

Ecoelastika, fully engaged in environmental protection, envisions a new development model and, therefore, in Solid Waste Management, prioritises and acts based on the principles of Circular Economy and Sustainable Development.

Our aim is the optimal management of our funds with the maximum efficiency, having always in the scope ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

Tires from Recycling Sorting Centers (RSCs) – Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO)

The Recycling Sorting Centers (RSCs) separate the packaging materials contained in the blue containers. Often, small quantities of end-of-life tires, mainly passenger vehicles and/or motorcycles, are inadvertently disposed of in the blue bin. These items are separated by Recycling Sorting Centers and delivered to Ecoelastika, in accordance with the specific terms of electronic cooperation.

Ecoelastika’s goal is to discourage the collection of end-of-life tires through recycling containers, by providing appropriate information to all stakeholders.

Tires from Uncontrolled Disposal (Municipalities, Solid Waste Management Authorities)

Ecoelastika enters a contract with Municipalities and Solid Waste Management Authorities through digital cooperation, to manage the end-of-life tires within the municipal waste stream, during the collection process by Local Authorities and Solid Waste Management Authorities.

The aim is to avoid uncontrolled disposal or dumping of tires into the Municipal Waste stream.

At the same time, we mean to encourage the tire waste owners to deliver them to the tire dealers/repair shops marked as ecoelastikaspots, which are contracted with Ecoelastika, in order to achieve collection at the “source”.

Tires-Waste Management Companies

End-of-life tires can be found in the waste stream transported by waste management companies.

If such is the case, used tires are separated by the rest of the waste and are processed according to the terms of electronic collaboration established by Ecoelastika.

Ecoelastika aims to avert collection of tires through this channel.

Quality Characteristics

End-of-life tires delivered by the TIRE OWNER to Ecoelastika must necessarily belong to the following categories:

* Category D1 includes all earth-moving and construction machinery vehicles tires with an exterior diameter up to 1600mm. 

End-of-life tires of any tire category with an exterior diameter larger or equal than 1600 mm and compact industrial vehicle tires are excluded from the above categories.

The end-of-life tires will always be delivered whole and clean, free of water and free of foreign materials (such as rims, shampoos, woods, plastics, stones and various other wastes in general). End-of-life tires will NOT be painted.