Corporate Social Responsibility

We strengthen the 3 pillars: Environment – Society – Economy

Ecoelastika, demonstrates systematic and continuous corporate social responsibility by taking concrete steps to raise environmental awareness in the areas where it operates, as well as its partners and the broader public.

Its major goals are to prevent pollution caused by the unregulated disposal of end-of-life tires, to promote the Circular Economy by encouraging the use of recycled materials, and to educate and create public knowledge about ecological and environmental concerns. An additional goal is to conduct scientific study into alternative uses for the components recovered through tire recycling.

Its educational initiatives, social contributions, and anthropocentric orientation, with a special emphasis on issues concerning children’s safety and education, are all part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and ecologically friendly policies.

In more detail:


We promote the various applications that can absorb tire recycling products based on environmental benefit and green economy.


We design and implement information and awareness-raising activities, to create a strong “recycling culture”.


We participate in Research Projects, focusing on scientifically documented proposals for the optimal final utilisation of end-of-life tires


We implement programs for free construction of safety rubber floors from recycled tires in schools all over Greece, focusing on children and their safety. With these actions we incite the public and private sector to use products from recycled tires for the benefit of society as a whole and the circular economy. At the same time, through the educational programs, we emphasize the environmental value of recycling, strengthening the ecological consciousness.